Total Affiliates

Total Affiliates
  • Rev Share: Up To 30%
  • CPA: N/A
  • Hybrid: N/A

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About Total Affiliates

Operating an amount of thriving gambling marks and giving bountiful deals for their associates, Total Affiliates are a good choice for experienced partners and those forcing their first steps in this industry the same way. Every associates could make to 45% earnings share from their made mention of players and the program too offers making opportunities coming out of referring brand-new partners. Every associates have access to nonstop backing to help them all with any problems and there goes on no negative carryover to worry about. Each one month makes a beginning with clean sweep.

Total Affiliates is the formal casino affiliate program of,,, and a great deal more. With years of experience in the on-line game spot, we will certainly help maximize thy earnings. We recognize thy traffic is certainly worthwhile and we recognize precisely how to handle it.